Monday, July 6, 2015

Trip to US-Mexico Border

A few weeks ago, Cynthia and I took a week-long trip to visit the US-Mexico border. We started in El Paso, Texas (which borders with Juarez, Mexico), visited Nogales, Mexico and ended in Tucson, Arizona. Below is a map of the route we followed.  It was an amazing trip – we participated in a border patrol ride-along in El Paso, visited nonprofit organizations in Juarez and Nogales that worked with migrant communities, walked on a migrant trail in the Sonora desert near Tucson, and saw a naturalization ceremony.  The goal of the trip was to get a real sense of the migrant experience, to witness the militarization of the border, and to better understand the humanitarian crisis taking along the southern US border.  We will write a few blog posts in the next few weeks that document different aspects of our trip as they relate to themes in the textbook.  One of our colleagues on the trip created a storify of our trip, which you can find here.

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