Monday, May 16, 2016

Great visual of origins of US immigrants since 1820

This map shows the origins of US immigrants since 1820--very cool! The recent drop in the number of immigrants from Mexico is particularly interesting. Note that these are data on legal entrants (new legal permanent residents), not all in-migrants.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Great video about immigrants in Utica, NY

Chapter 14 profiles Utica, NY, an old industrial town that has been revitalized as a result of receiving large numbers of immigrants. PBS NewsHour did a great segment on the town.

New international migration data from the UN

The United Nations has posted its estimates of the migrant stock for most countries for 2015. Highlights include:
- 44 million people were outside their country of birth for a year or more in 2015, up from 222 million in 2010 and 173 million in 2000
- About 3.3 percent of the world's 7.3 billion people are international migrants
- The largest number of international migrants (47 million) are in the United States, or about a fifth (19 per cent) of the world’s total. Germany and the Russian Federation hosted the second and third largest numbers of migrants worldwide (12 million each), followed by Saudi Arabia (10 million).

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Migration and Remittances Factbook 2016 released by World Bank

The World Bank has released its updated Migration and Remittances Factbook. It is chock full of data. It also updates estimates of the global number of immigrants to more than 247 million people, or 3.4% of the world population, in 2013.