Wednesday, June 10, 2015

French Police Dismantle Migrants’ Camps in Paris and Calais

Following Madeline's post, a WSJ article on Wednesday, June 3, 2015, (see link below) discussed how French police have dismantled migrant camps in Paris and the Port of Calais over the past week. These migrants are moving through France from Africa and Syria to head to the UK, but get stuck in France and set up camps and way stations on their journey.  Just this week, 380 migrants from Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia were relocated to emergency housing after they had set up a migrant camp under a subway bridge in northern Paris.  Two camps in and outside the port of Calais were also dismantled by police and about 140 people were either being detained or relocated. 

As the WJS article mentions, the EU has been struggling to address the large flows of both undocumented immigrants in search of employment and political refugees who are entering Europe from the South.


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